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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Fast food is not convenient!

So I probably should start by explaining why I have put up this 'health freak' post. I currently weigh 80kg (give or take) and have a 36" inch pant size. Now I'm not fat, but certainly over weight. I would like to weigh 75kg and fit a 32" inch waist. So why quiche? Normally I'd opt for  a fast food drive way, because of the "convenience". But really they are not convenient at all. It took me 60mins, including prep to make this and it will last whole week. That's by far less time that I spend travelling to the glorious golden arches and certainly a hell of a lot less time feeling like crap after.
1. Chop up all the things you want to put in it and put them in a bowl. I made a really simple version by including chives, tomato, ham and oregano. But you can really add anything you like.
2. Add the eggs, I used 8 and this would make a quiche that would last a week.
3. Add 3 table spoons of plain flour and 2 cups of milk.
4. Add 1 cup of low fat cheese (or tasty cheese if your feeling a bit naughty).
5. Combine the mix and pour into an oven dish (whatever it's called) and bake for 50 mins on 180 degrees celsius.
Now I'm not saying that we shouldn't eat fast food (even though we shouldn't) because I love it! This however is an easy alternative for lunches if you are wanting to cut back and loose weight.
Enjoy, by for now! 

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